What does a std mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sexual transmitted diseases

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Q: What does a std mean?
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Does having fatigue mean you have a STD?

Having fatigue doesn't mean you have a STD.

What does STD mean to everyone?

std means sexually transmitted disease.

If you dont pee after sex does that mean you have an std?

are you for real? of course not!! (although if you never pee again after having sex once then that is a problem but it doesnt mean you have an std!)

What is the mean of STD and idd calls?

std means standard call and idd means international direct dial

If a man has an STD does it mean he has been unfaithful to his wife?

Not necessarily. If he has an STD, that does not mean he got it from sleeping around. He could have had it from birth (his parents) or he could have gotten it from a girl before he was married.

What does it mean if a guy is dating mOre then one girl?

he has an std

Does Bert McCracken have an STD?

No he does not, although he has been "around". If you get what I mean.

How do you print 1 to 100 in c without using loop condition?

If you mean you cannot use a for loop, then use a while loop: int i=0 while( i++ < 100 ) std::cout << i << " "; std::cout << std::endl; Or a do-while loop: int i=0; do std::cout << ++i << " "; while( i<100 ); std::cout << std::endl; If these are not allowed either, use a procedural loop: int i=0; again: std::cout << ++i << " "; if( i<100 ) goto again; std::cout << std::endl; If even that is not allowed, then the only option is to hard-wire: std::cout << 1 << " " << 2 << " " << [etc] << 99 << " " << 100 << std::endl; It does seem a pointless exercise when a for loop exists specifically for counting iterations like this: for( int i=1; i<=100; ++i ) std::cout << i << " "; std::cout << std::endl;

If n equals 108 and p equals 0.24 find the minimum usual value with mean of -2 std deviation and maximum usual value of mean plus 2 std deviation?

5 7

In slang what does Dripping mean?

As far as I know, it's an expression of a symptom of an STD .

HIV and STD free mean?

That a person does not have HIV or a sexually transmitted disease.

What year did STD come into practice?

Do you mean an STD as a sexual infection? If so, it didn't "come into practice" it has always been around and spread ( still is spreading) with unprotected sex.