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I think it means if the wound or injury is throbbing or stinging.

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Q: What does a stabbing pain to a wound or injury mean?
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What does a sharp stabbing pain in the cheek mean?

It may be trigeminal neuralgia, or a dental problem.

What does it mean if you have a sudden knee injury for no apparent reason?

Sudden knee pain with no injury

What would cause excruciating lower left back pain like stabbing?


What are some signs a wound has become infected?

Swelling, redness at the site of the injury or surrounding area, streaks of red upward from the injury, an increase in the amount of pain any type of discharge from the wound, any foul odor, or if the area is just not healing .

What could cause a sharp pain in the stomach?

my pain is stabbing pain every time i walk from school and back its been harting since thusday what could that mean

Does arthritis give sharp stabbing pain that suddenly disappears?

It can, yes. Arthritis pain can be described in many ways, such as stabbing, aching, gnawing, etc.

What can cause stabbing radiating pain on left side of abdomen and flank area of back?

This could be the result of a crack or fractured rib. another possibility may be an injury to the spleen

What is ticdelarue?

Do you mean Tic douloureux?? This is also known as trigeminal neuralgia a severe, stabbing pain to one side of the face.

What can you get from an open wound infection?

swelling of the wound,pus in the wound ,pain,redness

What is a stabbing pain above the hip?

Stabbing pain above the right hip is one indicator of appendicitis. Another item would be pain when you stamp your right foot. Pains in that area could also mean a wide variety of things including hernia, kidney or liver problems, or just a pulled muscle.

What symptom indicates pain due to injury?

Pain IS the symptom of an injury.

What causes stabbing pain on the right side of your back?

a knife?

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