What does a nucleaus contain?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What does a nucleaus contain?
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Do yeast cells contain a nucleaus?

Yeast or Sachcaramyces are eukaryotic.So they do have a nucleus

Which cell structure contain the most water in an onion cell?

vacuole and nucleaus

What is the purpose of nucleaus?

A nucleaus is DNA or more definitively a chromosome unbundled. Remember that they only coagulate during Mitosis or Meiosis. The nucleaus also controls the cell

Does the fungi have a nucleaus?

Yes, they do.

Does fungi have a nucleaus?

Their cells do.

Where is the proton found?

inside the nucleaus

Where is the cell nucleaus?

it is in the middle of the cell

What cells do not have a nucleaus?

A red blood cell does not contain a nucleus, as doing so conserves space that can then be used to increase its oxygen-binding capacity (by increasing the amount of haemoglobin that can be contained in the cell).

What is the part of a cell that controls its actions?

The nucleaus

Contains only hereditary material?

the nucleaus

What is an uncharched particle in the nucleaus of an atom?


What is the tiny central core of an atom?