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It can mean anything between he's in love with you to he wants to sleep with you.

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Q: What does a man mean when he says your my Angel while staring in your eyes?
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What does 'his eyes slicing into my own' mean?

staring at you with much intensity

What does it mean when a guy and a girl stare at each other in the eyes for a long time and it has been going on for quite a while in class?

staring contest

What does it mean when a guy stares at your eyes while you are talking and you have nothing in them or didnt mess up your eyeliner or anything?

He must like you, to be staring at you. Either that or he's admiring your eyes, but seriously what guy does that?

When a boy is staring into your eyes and he's dead what does that mean?

It some that normally happen it mean nothing ok

What does it mean when two guys are talking and while they are talking they are staring at you?

they are talking about you!

What does it mean when a boy stares into your eyes with a surprised look every time he sees you?

he probably likes you and gets nervous when you discover he's staring at you OR he was surprised to see you staring at HIM.

If you could get lost into your partners eyes Does it also mean if there staring right back into yours they really do like you?


Why was my ex talking to me while smiling giggling staring at me and blushing does that mean he has feelings for me?

Yes, i think he does

What sacred text an angel mention?

this is how you make an angel text smiley face 0:) 0 = the halo : = the eyes ) = the smile i hope this is what you mean.

What does that mean if the guy you like gives you a long stare and looks straight at you a few times in class every once in a while no matter you sit behind him or opposite to him and etc?

It means that he's sort of interested in you, just not alot. Keep your eyes open for him. If he keeps staring then ask him out, or ask him why he's staring at you. You'll always get your answer by asking.

What does mean when a guys girl friend is trying to get his attention but hes focused on you but we never talked and hes staring into your eyes?

ask him how should we know....?

What does gazing mean?

gazed means to look at something with fixed eyes synonyms- stare