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Directly from the AAFP, 1 Jan 05,.several disease states cause a homogenous spike-like peak in a focal region of the gamma-globulin zone of the SPEP.In the interpretation of SPEP, most attention focuses on the gamma region, composed predominantly of the IgG type, however a single spike can occur in the alpha2, and beta regions in patients with multiple myeloma. Monoclonal gammopathies are associated with a clonal process that is malignant or potentially malignant. Multiple myeloma should be ruled out with a bone marrow biopsy, and diagnosis requires 10-15% plasma cell involvement and M-protein level is usually >3g/dL. Hope this sheds some light on the subject. Carl Weathers, RN MCG, Augusta, GA.

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Q: What does a m-protein spike in the gamma region of the protein electrophoresis indicate?
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