What does a jammed knee feel like?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Imagine your leg was a flat inner tube. Imagine pumping air into that inner tube which slowly begins to fill up. With just enough air you can bend the tube in half with relative ease. Now Consider the joint where the inner tube bends as your knee joint - pumping too much air into the inner tube makes it difficult to bend the tube in half. In other words a sprained knee feels like your knee joint is filled with too much air making it difficult to achieve a full range of motion.

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Q: What does a jammed knee feel like?
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its so painful im has been broken from 2011/11/14 intl now i had a knee surgery it was so hard but thank god the surgery was good

You slid into second base and jammed your knee real good its been a couple of days and it still hurts theres swelling above your knee and to the outer side also pain below your knee cap any ideas?

See a Doctor. You may need an X-Ray or MRI to check for damage.

What does a strained knee feel like?

excruciating pain for about ten minutes and then its hard to walk on for about 3 weeks. consult a doctor immediately.

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