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Many people in health careers are standing or walking a lot throughout the day from patient to patient or room to room, so it is good for your physical health to be active. It can cause emotional stress in some people, but it is worth it to help people.

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Q: What does a health career do for your health?
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By far the fastest growing health care career is that of a health educator. Not only is it a fast growing medical career it is the second fastest growing career overall in the United States. A career as a health educator is expected to grow around 35% in the next year and those in this field work in offices, schools, and hospitals educating people of health care.

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A medical doctor or human physician would be included in the biological/medical career cluster.

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If one wishes to undertake a career in psychiatric mental health nursing in the UK then one will need a BSc in nursing. One would then need to specialise in mental health.

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Pediatrician falls under the "Health Science" career cluster. This cluster encompasses careers related to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases and disorders in humans.

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Your career is that of a dental assistant, or (although less specific) the field of allied health professions.

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