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She likes you

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Q: What does a girl say to you Awww cute Urs mean?
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What is the birth name of Urs Buhler?

Urs Buhler's birth name is Urs Toni Buhler.

Do you like emos?

Hell yeah! They are sooo cute (i meant the guyz) and they have hot style But this is only my opinnion . Whas urs

When did Urs Buhler split with Tania and who is he with now?

Urs and Tania are still very much together and have a baby daughter.They broke up after tour 2009. Urs is currently single, and he is occasionally with Kelly Phelan, but not formalized the relationship.

What did urs and tania have boy or girl?

It's a boy. Look at Il Divo Press. ildivopress is a gossip blog and an incorrect one at that. Urs and Tania have a daughter called Billie

What is the market cap for URS Corporation URS?

As of July 2014, the market cap for URS Corporation (URS) is $4,011,018,067.60.

What is the symbol for URS Corporation in the NYSE?

The symbol for URS Corporation in the NYSE is: URS.

How do you get a girl to date you when she is seeing someone?

flirt with her get her attention that u like her so she can be all urs goodluck

What if a girl you hate and i mean hate pretends to hate you but likes you?

if shes pertending don't take her crap tell her that u thought she was ur friend and if not sucks for her!!! tell her if she had a life she wouldn't be in urs!!

What actors and actresses appeared in Urs - 2009?

The cast of Urs - 2009 includes: Thomas Hinke as Urs Ellen Schaeuble as Mother Martin Weigel as Urs

Have Urs and Tanya had their baby yet?

I read that his baby girl was born in December 2008. No other information or announcements.

Aecom just acquired urs Corp what will happen to urs?

AECOM just acquired URS Corp and thus will reduce the percentage overseas market of URS to 17%.

What actors and actresses appeared in Urs Fischer - 2010?

The cast of Urs Fischer - 2010 includes: Urs Fischer