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A decaying dead body

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Q: What does a decaying dead body look like?
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Why does hitlers dead body not look like him?

The pictures of Hitler's corpse are fake.

What do a nest look like for a crocodile?

Depending on species, a mound of decaying vegetation or sand.

What did the plants and animals look like before they turned into fossil fuel?

Fossil fuels come from decayed plants and animals. Oil typically comes from dead marine life. Coal comes from decaying plants. So, before they are transformed into fuels (which can take millions of years), the decaying organic material is likely to be brown. Of course, before they die, the plants and animal look just like they do today.

What are Characteristics of dead body?

A dead body, or corpse, has no pulse, a pale look to it, dialated eyes, and are cold.

How does a body look after 1 year dead?

Your grandmother

How do you look like living dead girl?

Black hair Wrikled skin Pale Dark eyes Fail body

What does a dead body look like after one month in house?

it would smell and be decomposing little by little, with a horrible stench

What does connors look like?

He is dead so does not look like anything.

What does mike look like?

He is dead so does not look like anything.

What does the homonculus look like?

Depending on the source, 1. Homonculus look like small clay like people. Their body parts may be disproportionate, or out of place, and certain characteristics of their body may be accentuated. 2. Homonculus look like humans who used to be dead. Really, they take the form of other people because they do not have their own form.

What does Mike Connors look like?

He is dead so does not look like anything.

Why did the egyptians use the mummifacation process on their dead?

Their beliefs led Egyptians to mummify their dead. When the person died their soul left their body. The soul was then judge by Osiris and to live eternally it must reunited with its body. The soul had to be able to recognize its body.