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Chemical changes in the blood after death cause a dead body to become stiff within hours after death. This stiffness is called rigor mortis. It usually goes away within 12 hours of onset.

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Q: What does a dead body feel like before it becomes stiff?
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What does it mean if you call someone a boring stiff?

it basically means that they are as boring as a dead person, as 'stiff' is slang for a dead body.

When the extremities are stiff and rigid what kind of posturing is it?

Rigor mortis is dead stiff body, not really called posturing.

How do you find out that a mouse is dead?

If it is breathing or if its heart is beating then it is alive, if it is stiff and cold it is dead, waaah I had this experience before :(

What is a sentence with the word stiff?

The dead body was already stiff when I found it there.

What are synonyms of the word corpse?

dead body, cadaver, carcass, stiff, remains, carrion, the deceased, roadkill

Why are embaled bodies hard?

Embalming basically dehydrates the body and uses various chemicals to coat the body's tissues. Ever eaten a peice of beef jerky? That's a dead body. Dehydrated and stiff. Of course, the body naturally goes stiff after death when the muscles seize up and become a little like beef jerky.

If a hamster is stiff does it mean its dead?

If it is like that, cold and not breathing, yes, it is dead.

What happens inside the dead body moments before 'comming back to life'?

Nothing happens inside the dead body moments before "coming back to life" because a dead body cannot come back to life. Once a person is completely dead, they do not return to life as we know it.

What word starts with s that means dead?


Can you revive a puppy after it is stiff?

Sadly, no. Once the dead puppy has become stiff, rigor mortis has set in and there is nothing that can be done to revive it.

Who ownes a dead body after it dies?

Basically it becomes property that is inherited. There are restrictions on what you can do with it, but within those restriction's, you do what you want with it.

Do hamsters go stiff when dead?

Yes, they don't breathe either.