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A commitment ring, also known as a promise ring has several different variations to what it can specifically mean. Typically, it depends on the giver and what they speak of its meaning, however, the most ideal use of it's meaning is that the giver has the intention to marry the person (the one receiving the promise ring) but the giver is not yet ready to become engaged.

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Q: What does a commitment ring mean?
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What does put a ring on your finger mean in the 1940s?

To seal the deal. To make a commitment. Because marriage is a lifetime commitment, this is where the phrase came from.

What is a commitment ring?

It's like an engagement ring, but not as serious.

What color symbolizes commitment?

One thing that symbolizes commitment is a ring.

Ring is what figure of speech?

The word 'ring' is ambiguous (polysemous): it may mean 'a piece of jewellery' or 'phone' as in 'Ring me up'. The object 'ring' may have a symbolic meaning (it's usually a symbol of commitment to someone or something, as in wedding ring).

Is Zac Efrons commitment ring from Vanessa Hudgens?

that ring is from her, and he gave hr one as well. it is known as their promise ring

Can a Claddaugh ring be used as a promise or commitment ring if a boyfriend and girlfriend wear one?

Claddaugh rings have always traditionally been used in the Irish culture as a friendship/commitment ring or as a wedding band. So, YES.

A wedding ring is an example of what?

Of the love and commitment to the other person.

What does it mean when you are 25 and move to another city for educational purposes-Planning to go back when I finish- and your boyfriend gives you a promise ring?

A promise ring is an indication of a future serious commitment from your boyfriend. He intends to make you his wife in the future and that ring is to remind you of his promise to you

What does Commitment and the wedding ring symbolize?

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What does lack of commitment mean in a relationship?

Lack of commitment

What does a promise ring symbolize in Christianity?

A promise ring is also referred to as a purity ring. It represents the wearer's commitment to abstinence and serves as a visual reminder of this promise.

Should I wear the promise ring my boyfriend gave me to school?

yes. The point of the ring is to show that you are not interested in other guys. If you are not ready for such a commitment, give the ring back to him.