What does a boy say when he flirts with you?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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First of all i would like to say that this is a very interesting question you have asked, but my dear the answer to this lies in your heart. flirting is a negative word the best thing you can do is, judge the person who is as you call it "flirting" with you. If you think that the person is more than just a flirt or if he is just a flirt you can respond accordingly. There are three ways you can respond to a flirt:

1. Flirt back

2. just walk off.

3. make it real(enjoy it).

I think i have answered your question effectively.

Do let me know which of these you adopt and why.

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He wants in your pants

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Q: What does a boy say when he flirts with you?
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A boy you flirts with a boy and he flirts back but had a girlfriend is he gay?

Yes....he can's a possiablity

How can you attract a boy that 12 years old and that flirts with you?

If he flirts with you he is probably already attracted to you .

A girl who flirts with each and every boy?

A girl who flirts a lot probably just wants attention.

What does it mean when a boy flirts with you?

they atre in love with u

Does a boy that looks at you a lot and flirts with you like you?


What to dowhen your man say he love you and then flirts with another girl then flirts with another in your face what do i do?

Say Bye Bye Birdie!

How do you know when a boy wants a girl to talk to him?

When he flirts with you, and walks by you.

What does it mean when a boy flirts with you and your a girl?

it basically means that they like you...

How can I tell if a boy likes and flirts with me?

If he talks to you a lot and compliments you!

How do you get the boy that you like to like you?

You can flirt with the boy and see if he flirts back. If he flirts back he probably A) Likes you or B) just likes to flirt with people. But the most important thing you can do is BE YOURSELF!!!

What to do if a boy flirts with your girl?

tell on him and tell him leave my girlfriend alone.

What should you do if you and your friend like the same boy and you think he likes you but she is very obvious and smiles and flirts with him all the time in front of you?

Spank of her head and say this is my man.