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It can mean that the Doctor Who helped your mom made a big mistake and poked you or something like that. But it can also mean something important for your future. So ask a doctor and if they don't know the answer then it's your future destiny answer.

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Q: What does a blue birth mark on the skin mean?
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How do you get rid of a birth mark?

a birth mark will stay with you forever unless you dye your skin and i don't think you want to do that There are laser treatments for Port Wine stains .

What does it mean when a snakes eyes are blue?

it means they are about to shed their skin

What is subdernal hidmitona?

A subdermal hematoma is a bruise under the skin (sub=under, dermal=skin). Essentially, a subdermal hematoma is a black and blue mark.

What does the colors of lividity mean?

blue or red colored skin changes

What does circomcision mean?

If you mean circumcision, It is removing the skin from the tip of the male sex organ, preferably (for him) at birth.

Is the salt and ice challenge dangerous?

Yes Its bad for you Its left a black and blue mark on my arm and it will turn into a scar its very painful and i would not recommend it to ANYONE. It is a chemical reaction this will burn your skin and as I said leave a mark, Most of the time it will just leave a red mark or leave a black and blue mark.

How can you tell if its really an infection or if its just bruised?

An infection is cause by a cut not being properly treated, and is caused by the actual opening of the skin. A bruise is superficial and does not penetrate the skin, and usually results in a black and blue mark on the skin.

What is the name for blue or ashy color of the skin?

A blue tinged skin is said to be cyanotic.

What does the blue skin on a god represent?

In the Hindu religion, blue skin is thought to mean that the deity represented in such a way is a brave and strong leader. There are other thoughts that Vishnu's association with water is why the skin is blue. Lastly, another theory is that the Creator made the sky, and the oceans, rivers, and lakes blue meant this color had special significance.

What is the birth name of Skin?

Skin's birth name is Deborah Anne Dyer.

What is the correct name for black and blue of the skin?

A black and blue mark is a bruise. A bruise in medicine is called a contusion. A bruise occurs when a force breaks small capillaries, letting blood ooze into the tissues.

How is skin formed during birth?

skin is formed about 8.99 months prior to birth