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like horsing around and being silly

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Q: What does a bit of fun mean in relationships?
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What does it mean when a guy calls you sassy?

It means that you are fun with a bit of a fiery side.

Why do you need relationships?

For fun

How can you be popular in school?

Act fake, shop at hollister be mean to unpopular people and have a million relationships at once. How fun

What does you'm not short I'm fun size mean?

It's a bit of a light comeback to people if they make a comment about you being short.

How can you forget about you girlfriends past relationships and move on?

just have fun and be yourself

What do girls charish?

Well, relationships they cherish honesty,fun and romance.

What does relationships with others mean?

It means having alot of fun in bed and smoking alot of drugs with them raping babies and killing little kids btw redtube . Com

How do you avoid relationship with other relationship?

This question is a bit confusing but im guesing that you mean how do you avoid being involved qith other peoples relationships? well if i am right then simply keep to yourself, try staying out of relationships business. because when you do have to be involved in other people relationships alot of conflicts arise.

What does it mean when relationships are not a two way street?

That they are not true relationships.

What is the fun way to teach a class a song?

Change the melody alitlle bit and have fun with it

How is so great?

It's just a bit of fun

What does preteen relationships mean?

Preteen relationships are relationships that are held before the adolescents reach their teenage years (13).