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There's a half-inch diameter cyst on the ovary, and no evidence of rupture on the ultrasound.

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Q: What does a 1cm cyst on ovary with no free fluid mean?
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What does dominant follicle left ovary 21X25mm No pelvis ascites mean?

A dominant follicle on the left ovary that measure 21X25 mm is a follicular cyst that is also called a common cyst. No pelvic ascites means that there is no free fluid in the pelvis.

What does it mean within the right ovary is a thin walled anechoic cystic structure suggestive of a follicle cyst?

anechoic cyst in right overy

Does a corpus cyst mean you got pregnant?

No. A corpus luteum cyst is an ovarian cyst that may rupture around menstruation. It may take up to 3 months to disappear, and they are least likely to appear in women over 50. Such a cyst may grow up to 4 inches long. It may bleed into itself, possibly twisting the ovary and causing pain. In a worst case scenario, such a cyst can twist the ovary enough to cause ovarian torsion, meaning that the blood supply to the ovary in question is getting choked off. That could become a medical emergency. When an egg cell is released from a follicle, the follicle turns into a secretory gland called the corpus luteum (literally, "yellow body"). Its job is to release estrogen and progesterone in preparation for pregnancy. If there is no pregnancy, then usually, the corpus is supposed to break down and disappear. But if things get complicated and the corpus luteum fills with blood or other fluid, then a cyst occurs. Most of the time, the cyst is on only one side and doesn't cause symptoms.

What does ovary pain or a swollen ovary during your period mean?

It is probably just a period symptom, but if it gets very painful, you need to go and speak to a doctor or go to hospital because it could be a cyst or ectopic pregnancy, if there is a chance you could be pregnant

What does minimal free fluid mean in medical terms?

Minimal free fluid means not very much fluid outside the vessels.

Will hair on head come back after cyst on ovary has been taken off ovary?

If you mean after chemotherapy, yes, it will come back after time. The chemo damages the hair at the follicle but it does reform. It will come back after 2-3 months after the last treatment. See the link below for more information:

What does it mean by no fluid is seen in cul de sac?

When no fluid is seen in the cul de sac, it typically means there is no abnormal accumulation of fluid in the space between the uterus and rectum. This finding is common during imaging studies such as ultrasounds and is generally considered normal.

What does 'a 1.8 X2.9 X 2.8 CM follicle in the left ovary and no free fluid' mean?

If this is in your body, are you really going to accept the explanation you get from some anonymousweirdo on the internet ??PLEASE . . . discuss it with your doctor, and keep discussing until you completely understand what he'stalking about.

After fertilisation what does the ovary become?

the ovary does not become fertilized and remains an ovary. if you mean the egg, it becomes a Zygote.

What does it mean if there is a cyst in the thyroid?


What does it mean when 1 ovary is bigger than the other?

It may or may not mean anything. There is always a slight degree of assymetry in humans. However, if one ovary grows a lot bigger than usual, it may be better to be on the safe side, and check with a doctor. The doctor may advise certain examinations, just in case you have something abnormal, like a tumor, or a cyst, for example.

What does it mean if your ovary is tilted?

It will hurt like hell if you do have one and you should get it checked out