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Trace a means the first trait that shows up in DNA when talking about urinalysis

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Q: What does Trace A mean in a urinalysis?
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Urinalysis show protein trace?

The urinalysis will determine amount of protein in your urine and a blood test can show creatine result. Both results together will indicate kidney health or stage of kidney disease.

Can trace protein be found in urinalysis during menses?


My urinalysis result of WBC Esterase came back trace-abnormal what does this mean?

There were a few white blood cells in your urine sample.

What does the medical abbreviation tr mean?

tr in lower case letters is most often seen on documentation of a urinalysis, in which case it means "trace."

Epithelial cells and mucus threads was stated rare in your urinalysis result what does this mean?

What does it mean when mucous rare in an urinalysis

What does sit mean if urinalysis has u-ket trace?

In my case, it was fasting for the test. If you haven't eaten for 12 hours or more before the test it can cause the Ketone reading to register. Trace amount probably means the lowest detectable amount. It can also be from dehydration.

What does a result of rare A bacteria in urinalysis mean?

what does this mean? rare A bacteria

What does an RBC of 3-5 mean in a urinalysis?


Does Prozac show up in urinalysis?

No. = you mean drug screen?

What does hazy mean in urinalysis transparency?

"Hazy" in urinalysis transparency usually means epithelial cells are present, but it also may be a sign of bacteria.

What are trace keystones?

What does a trace of keystones mean in a urine test mean?

What do the following letters mean on a urinalysis WBC?

White Blood Cells