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Disc bulges are characterized as focal or broad based. Focal means that less than 90 degrees of the disc is protruding outside of the radius of the vertebrae. Broad based means that 90 to 180 degrees of the disc are protruding outside of the vertebrae. The protruding discs are located in the lumbar region.

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Q: What does Small broad based disc bulges at L12 L45 mean?
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what is Small posterior disc bulges with mild endplate spurring

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What does mild broad based disc bulges at L3 to S1, indenting the thecal sac mean? recommended with sonagram, thecal sac related to thyroid.

What is a broad based disc protrusion 2.5 mm in the AP dimension with an annula tear?

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What does broad based disc bulge mean in MRI?

is broad base central superimposed disc bad

What does “ broad-based disc bulging slightly asymmetric to the left with associated posterior lateral spurs?

This is called a broad based disc herniation

What is broad based disc bulge at c7-t1?

Broad based disc bulge is the issue of have no extra room for the person's spinal cord causing pain and numbness. Broad based disc bulge is often thought to be a pinched nerve until imagining is taken.

What is a concentric disc bulge?

Circumferential disk bulge is a condition of the spinal column wherein 50 to 100 percent of the circumferential disk tissue goes over the edges of the ring apophyses. Ninety percent of disk bulges happen in the lower back area.

What is a Prominent broad based posterior and lateral disc protrusion?

My husband just got his mri report, at c2-c3 minimal left foraminal, c3-c4-3mm posterior central protrusion,c4-c5-posterior annular bulging, c5-c6prominent posterior bulge/broad based protrusion causing right goraminal stenosis, c6-c7 small posterior protrusion.. He has sever pain in his left arm...what should we do..

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The name of the condition is self explanatory. The disc between the two vertebrae bulges out from all the sides.

Can an accident like a car accident cause a mild broad based disc bulge L4 and 5?


Can a accident like a car accident cause a mild broad based disc bulge L4 and 5?


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