What does Repair mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Repair means repair, i.e. to fix it

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Q: What does Repair mean?
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What repair mean?

Repair means repair, i.e. to fix it

What does the repair mean in the 6R's?

repair means when you fix something

What does recover mean?

to repair

What does the word repair mean?

To fix.

What is mean of irriperable?

Can not be repaired. No repair.

What does reparar mean in Spanish?


What does 23pair mean?

Tooth repair

What does cheiloplasty mean?

Cleft lip repair.

How do you repair the gas tank on my car?

Depending on what you mean by repair. If there is hole in it then no you need to buy a new one.

What does reparo mean in English?

In Spanish, it means "I repair"

In I.M. what does LBR Mean?

Loser beyond repair

What does the suffix -plasty mean?

-Plasty - Surgical Repair