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It is a positive expression of something good,well done,a good surprise.

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Q: What does OPA mean in conversation in Brazilian?
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What does oma and opa mean?

Oma means grandma, while opa means grandpa.

What does the Dutch word opa mean?


What does Opa mean in the Jewish language?

There are many Jewish languages, but you probably mean Hebrew. In any event, opa has no meaning in Hebrew. It is a German word for grandpa. In Hebrew, Grandpa is Saba (סבא)Opa is also an interjection in Greek.

What does the medical abbreviation OPA mean?

Oropharyngeal Airway

What does opa mean in Dutch?

In Dutch, the word "opa" translates to "grandpa" in English. Another Dutch word that is a synonym to "opa" and also translates as "grandpa" is "grootvader." This is not to be confused with the Greek use of "opa," which is more of an interjection, usually used to express happiness.

When was Opa Opa created?

Opa Opa was created on 1999-07-05.

Is opa-opa a boy?

No, opa-opa is a self-aware spaceship with no gender.

Does opa mean anything besides in greek?

Opa also means grandfather in Dutch and German. Oma means grandmother in Dutch and German.

What nationality is oma and opa?

u mean language..German

How do you say grandfather in dutch?

You could say either 'grootvader' or 'opa', but 'opa' is far more common in the Netherlands.

What does na boca mean in Brazilian portuguese?

I mean "You Can DO It"

What does the greek dance word oopa mean?

"Opa" not "Oopa" doesn't mean anything. It is just a saying that is used during Greek celebrations...sometimes. Movies tend to over exaggerate the use of "opa." Many times it is not ever used.