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In all reality, maturation in child development means basically a form of puberty. The child is maturing a bit more than in the stage of development that he/she is in.

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Q: What does Maturation mean in Child development?
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Identify and describe the most significant influences on child development?

Parents, peer influence- socialization, heredity, the environment , and maturation

What does child development mean?

it means the development of a child

What is maturation delay?

What is maturation? Maturation is the process of becoming mature or the emergence of personal and behavioral characteristics through growth process. Maturation is when a child matures.

The process by which an adult organism arises is called?

Development or maturation.

What are the factors in human development?

Inheritance and maturation

Which genetic process guides the development of an individual?


What are the biological factors in human development?

Inheritance and maturation

What are the generalization about development?

variability -development is an orderly process. independence -different parts of body develop in largely independent patterns and sequences. differentiation -differentiation increases with development. integration -integration increases with development. predictability sequences in maturation are more predictable than rates of maturation. limitation -maturation sets the limits on learning.

What is the internally programmed growth of a child?


Which term related to the mental development of an adolescent?


What do pies mean in child development?

It mean physical, intellectual, emotional, and social

What I want to know personhood development?

I am not sure what you mean by personhood development. There is child development.