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if you mothers give oll to you sister houe you feel about it

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Q: What does Mangan's sister ask the young boy about?
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Who did the boy see when he was trying to buy a gift for Mangans sister and what was this person doing?

A young clerk woman chatting with a couple of young men. A young English lady was laughing with two gentlemen.

How does the boy respond when Mangans sister asks him if hes going to Araby?

How does the boy respond when Mangan's sister asks him if he's going to Araby?

What does the boy tell Mangans sister when they first speak to each other?

He tells her he will bring her something from the bazaar

In Araby whom did the boy see when he was trying to buy a gift for Mangans sister and what was she doing?

The boy saw the shop assistant flirting with two young men while he was trying to buy a gift for Mangan's sister. She was laughing and chatting with them, oblivious to the boy's presence and his quest to find the perfect gift.

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What is the topic of discussion when the boy and Mangans sister finally talk to one another?

The topic of their conversation is typically centered around their feelings for one another, their hopes and dreams, and their desires for the future. They may also discuss more personal topics, such as their families or past experiences.

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