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A slightly older version of Harry with a different colour of eyes. Glasses, untidy black hair and skinny.

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Q: What does Harry Potters father look like?
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How does Harry Potters scar look like?

a lightning bolt

What did Voldemort look like when he murdered Harry Potters parents?

When he killed Harry's parents he was pale white, non-human,slits for a nose and a cruel look on his face....

Can you show a pic of harry potters scar?

Yes, look at my hands.

Why did Harry Potter view Sirius Black as a father figure?

He considered him a father figure because he had never had a father before. Not even an adult outside of school who genuinely cared for him and was kind to him. Sirius was there to look out for Harry's safety and to catch him. Just like a father.

What was Harry Potters unusual Christmas gift in his first year at Hogwarts?

Well it depends what view you look at it from. Most people don't get 50p for their Christmas but they also don't get Invisibility Cloaks and Chocolate Frogs that can actually jump.

Does snape only like Harry because of Lily?

Yes, As much as Snape Loathed James Potter and how much Harry was like his father, he still could see Lily in Harry. He made a promise the night Lily died to look after Harry, as he was devastated she had been killed. This is when he joined Dumbledore as spy.

What do Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley's children look like?

they look like a mini version of them but not like when harry was younger a bit less dorky looking.

What does Harry look like?

Harry Styles has brown curly hair and a cheeky grin.

Who is Barny Weasley in Harry Potter 7?

If Barney is in the film - which doesn't look likely then his name has not yet been announced.

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harry is the best