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If you are crushing on someone- it means that you like them- you admire them- whether its personality, looks, sense of humor etc- you see them as more than a friend-

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Q: What does Crushing on Someone Mean?
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Who in your class is crushing on you?

well, I this boy in my math class is crushing on me but I like someone else. :)

Is Justin Bieber crushing on someone?

He is dating Lauren Dunman...but that's different from crushing

Does Josh Hutcherson crushing on someone?


Is Miley crushing on someone from set?


How do you stop crushing?

There isn't really any way to 'stop crushing' . If you are attracted to someone, you can't help it.

What if he is mean but you still like him?

It's usually hard to get over someone, whether they are mean or not. But it's not a good idea to keep crushing on him if he just keeps crushing you. Your just gonna keep getting hurt unless you leave him behind. Trust me, he doesn't deserve you!

What does machucando mean?

It is Spanish for crushing

What does the suffix tripsy mean?

surgical crushing

If you think someone is cute are you crushing on them?

It depends on whether you have a boyfriend/girlfriend or not. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and you know you can't love anyone more, then no, you aren't crushing on someone you think is cute. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend but you want this cute guy/girl more, then yes, you are crushing on them. You can't hide your crush from your girlfriend/boyfriend so you have to slowly break-up with them, by slowly starting to hang out with this cute person. If you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend then yes, you are crushing on them. But don't ask them out or anything if you are crushing on someone else too.

How do you know when your crushing on someone?

You know when you are crushing on someone when you start to think about them all the time, and you can't get them out of your head. Also, another way is that they give you butterflies and make you want to squeal inside everytime you see them.

What does cystolithotripsy mean?

It is the crushing/destruction of a stone in the bladder.

What does crushing the spread mean?

it means heskey sat on it