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Viral cardio myopathy

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Q: What does Barbara Hershey die from in beaches?
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Is the song you are my sunshine in beaches?

Yes. Bette midler sings it to Barbara Hershey as Hershey is dying.

Who starred in the movie Beaches?

Bette Midler was first billed and Barbara Hershey had second billing. See the related link for more information.

What is the birth name of Barbara Hershey?

Barbara Hershey's birth name is Barbara Lynn Herzstein.

What is Barbara Hershey's birthday?

Barbara Hershey was born on February 5, 1948.

When was Barbara Hershey born?

Barbara Hershey was born on February 5, 1948.

Who was Barbara hershey's husband?


What kind of movie was Beaches released in 1988?

Beaches is a comedy drama. It was adpated from a novel of the same name. It starred Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey, among others. It's theme song, Wind Beneath My Wings, was number one on the charts when it was released.

Who is free carradine's mother?

Barbara Hershey

Barbara Hershey starred in Hannah and Her?


What film is about a deep friendship cemented in a house on the sand?

You could be referring to the movie Beaches. This movie starred Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey and is the film that popularized Midler's single 'Wind Beneath My Wings'.

Who Is Cora from once upon a time?

Barbara Hershey .

Was Barbara hershey married to Hugh Hefner?