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BID in terms of hours means every 12 hours so if able take med 1st thing in the morning and then 12 hours later and take at same time everyday so you dont forget a dose.

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Q: What does BID mean in terms of hours?
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What does 10 mg po bid mean?

bid means bis in die, or twice a day. 10 mg twice a day likely 12 hours apart.

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Does od mean once daily in medication terms?

Yes it does. od means once daily while bid means twice daily

What does 4 bid mean in doasage?

bid means twice a day

What does BID pm mean on a prescription?

BID or bid on a prescription mean "twice a day". PM mean afternoon or evening, unless it was prn and that means "as needed". Or if it is po, then that means "by mouth".

What does Q3h mean?

it means in medical terms, every three hours

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