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Asymmetrical = not the same on each side - i.e. one side is worse than the other.

Apical = the top of the lungs.

Pleural = The lining of the lung.

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Q: What does Asymmetrical Apical Pleural Disease mean?
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What is a pleural based opacity?

Pleural-based opacity refers to opacity seen in X-rays along the pleural surface. The opacity or silhouettes can mean many things like signs of injuries, possible thickening, or indications of disease.

What does pleural rub mean?

pleural rub

How many uppercase letters in the alphabet are asymmetrical?

If you mean horizontally asymmetrical there are 15: BCDEFGJKLNPQRSZ If you mean vertically asymmetrical there are 17: AFGJLMNPQRSTUVWYZ

What does apical scarring mean?

What does mild apical lung scarring mean from the imaged lung apices?

What does apical lung scarring mean?

What does mild apical lung scarring mean from the imaged lung apices?

What does ashes mean?

asymmetrical septal hypertrophy

What does No evidence of an apical pneumothorax mean?

A pneumothorax is an abnormal collection of air in the pleural space between the lung and the ... A small spontaneous pneumothorax will typically resolve without treatment and ... Deviation of the trachea to one side and the presence of raised jugular venous pressure (distended neck veins) are not reliable as clinical signs.

What does pleural effusion mean?

The pleural effusion is any abnormal amount of fluid all around the lungs. It can result to varying types of medical conditions.

What does an abnormal connection between a bronchial tube and the pleural cavity mean?


What does the medical abbreviation ALVA mean?

The medical definition is Apical Left-Ventricular Aneurysm in cardiology.

What does asymetrical mean in fashion?

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Where was no evidence of pleura effusion What does this mean?

no pleural effusion no pulmonary nodule no endobronchial lessions of the lungs