What does 1 red rose mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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he/she loves you i read something in a book that said this. yellow roses mean friendship, pink roses are a thank you for a favor or something, and red roses mean love. some people think that one red rose means friendship and a dozen means love, but you take your pick or just go ahead and ask the boy/girl, 'what were your intentions upon giving me this rose?'

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Q: What does 1 red rose mean?
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What does 6 red roses with 1 yellow rose mean?

red and yellow roses together mean congratulations.

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What does 1 dozen white roses with 1 red rose mean?

The white roses symbolize friendship and purity. They are all of your friends that you don't have feelings for. The one red rose symbolizes love and passion. A dozen white roses with one red rose means "The white roses are all of my friends and the red rose is you, you stand out to me among the crowd and no one can compare to you."

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The person who gave it to you loves you a red rose symbolizes love

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its a rose and roses and red roses = love search what dose a red rose mean and i promise that what it means

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