What does 1-3 hpf pus cell means in stool?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is actually very normal to have some pus, or dead white blood cells, in a person's stool. This by itself is not cause for concern.

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Q: What does 1-3 hpf pus cell means in stool?
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What is normal range of pus cell in semen?

1 to 10/HPF is normal

What does 4-6 pus cell indicate in stool?

It means you have an infection, be it bacterial or any other in your body.Is a response of your body to release white blood cells(pus cells) in stool.trying to fight the bacteria off!

When is pus cell normal in adult stool?

they are leukocytes (white blood cells), specifically neutrophils, which attack bacteria and fungi. some are living, but pus mostly consists of dead cells.

You had a 4 to 6 pus cells in your urinalysis is that normal?

i dont that having pus cells in the urine is normal,,because having pus is one of the signs of infection,,,It is considered to normal to have a level of 0-5/hpf pus in urine. The pus level of 4-6 means you're on the borderline. Refer to your doctor for the next steps.

What does 1-2 pus cell means?


What treatment can be given if pus cells are found in the stool?

The presence of pus any place in the body usually always indicates an infection. If the pus is in the urinary tract, antibiotics are usually given. However, it depends upon the other symptoms, if any, and how many cells were in the urine sample. The only way to know the proper therapy is to be evaluated by a medical professional.

What is pus cell in semen?

A "pus cell" is another name for a white blood cell. It is normal to have some pus cells in semen, but a high number means there may be an infection.

What is the normal pus cell in semen?

0-5 pus cells are normal

What is pus stool?

There is no such thing as pus cells. Pus is a conglomeration of living, dead and dying white blood cells that have been sent by the body to fight an infection. You might have mucus in your stool but that is not the same thing as pus.

Which type of cell makes pus when it pus?


Could a white pus filled sac in your stool be significant?

yes :O

What is the best treatment if the pus cells if the hpf is 30 35?

You can take Cantharis 30 1drop every 2 hour interval along with plenty of water