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Wedlock is the state of being married. A padlock is anything that locks with the intention of staying that way, so being locked into marriage means it's permanent.

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Q: What does 'Wedlock is padlock' mean?
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Berserk. Bespeak. Cutback. Earmark. Gimmick. Paddock. Padlock. Ransack. Tussock. Uncloak. Upchuck. Warlock. Wedlock.

What does it mean to have a child in wet lock?

The term "wedlock" means being married. If you have a baby in wedlock, it means you had a baby while married.

What does the padlock on the bytes sent and received diagram mean?

A padlock icon typically means that the data is being exchanged over an encrypted connection, such as SSL or TLS.

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A combination lock is not the same as a padlock. A combination lock could be in a padlock. A padlock can use different lock mechanisms, including a combination lock.

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The answer is padlock.

is the correct term padlock or paddle lock?

The correct term is padlock.

What special sign is displayed by a locksmith?

Padlock or lock

What does child born out of wedlock mean?

It means that the mother and father of the child were not married

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a padlock is spelled 'un cadenas' (masc.) in French.

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