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Q: What do you use for smelling and breathing?
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What you use for smelling and breathing?

You use your nose for smelling along with breathing. You also use your mouth for breathing but you only use your nose for smelling

Is breathing the same thing as smelling?

No, breathing and smelling are not the same thing. Breathing is the process of taking air into and out of the lungs to facilitate respiration, while smelling is the process of detecting and recognizing scents using the nose and olfactory system.

Can you be allergic to smells?

No, but you can get an allergic reaction from breathing in/smelling something you are allergic to.

Is breathing a sense?

Yep. Senses is smelling, and when you breathe, that's a senses.

What is the function of smelling salt in first aid box?

It is used to wake up a victim who is unconscious but breathing with a pulse.

Do penguins have a nose?

Yes, penguins have noses, but they are small openings on their beaks rather than prominent features like human noses. Penguins use their nostrils primarily for breathing and not for smelling.

Do penuins have noses?

Yes, penguins do have noses. They have small nostrils at the base of their beaks that they use for smelling and breathing. Penguins have a keen sense of smell that helps them locate food in the water.

What does a mouse use its nose?

Smelling ....

Will smelling salts wake you up?

Yes, smelling salts can provide a quick boost of alertness by stimulating the olfactory nerves and the respiratory system, leading to increased breathing and heart rate. However, the effects are temporary and may not be suitable for everyone, so it's important to use them cautiously and in moderation.

How do you make drug for unconsciousness at home?

I am not aware of any home remedy but smelling salts on hand May be good idea. If patient is unconscious use proper emt procedures ex. Abcs airways breathing circulation

What does the proboscis monkey use its nose for?

Smelling!! :~)

What is the use of the caterpillars tentacle?

they are used for smelling.