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A relationship is two people that feel passionately about each other ( love ) and it's when a girl or guy takes his time to spend with the other person and will stick up for them if someone says something about them. Maybe these days it's just about texting them every day and putting kisses xxxxxx on the end of the text's but it's about alot more than that x

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Q: What do you think relationship is?
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How does an alligator and fish have a competitve relationship?

because its a alligator why do u think they have a competitve relationship think a little

What is the best kind of relationship?

I think the best relationship is when you can stay away from him/her.

Is Eduardo Surita single or in a relationship?

I heared he is in a relationship with a girl in facebook i think her name is vanessa jimenez but i think he is cheating on her :/

How do know if your relationship is as one side'd as you think it is?

You could check with another person to see if your relationship is as one-sided as you think it is. Having the opinion of someone who is not in the relationship is a good way to see how your relationship looks from the outside.

What do boys think about girls in their relationship?

they think about how the girl is carry herself

Is love a kind of symbiosis relationship?

I would think sense sybiosis is a relationship of people.

What animal has a relationship with an ocelot?

I think leopard, tiger and lion all have relationship with the ocelot.

How is the parasite affected in this relationship?

i think that it is a worm

What do you think is its relationship to people?

it EATS people!

What do you think of Percy and Annabeth's relationship?


What to do when you think your always going to get hurt in a relationship?

Well you shouldn't always think that. If you're in a relationship and you feel that way, talk to your partner. Tell him/her about how you feel.

How do you get over an ex that has a kid?

think about the cons of the relationship you had with him. think about what it means for him to have a kid.