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They taste nice

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Q: What do you think are some benefits of having a cat as a pet?
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What are the benefits of putting a camera on a cat?

Some benefits to putting a camera on a cat are that you can see what the cat is doing and where it is. This helps owners find cats and make sure that they aren't getting into trouble.

What are the benefits to you and the organization if improvements can be identified and implemented?

by having a gangbang evry one will be plesured. 8--D

What do you do if you cat is having kittens and there is a boy cat?

I think you should ignore the boy cat unless he's getting in the way and if that happens then lock him inside or outside.

What are the benefits of having cats?

It really does depend on the cat, and the owner. But one the the best benefits, is that they give a sort of calm and comforting aura around them, and they tend to calm down a lot of people. But again I say it really depends on the cat and owner. No birdsong to wake you up

When does a cat stop having litters?

the cat stops having litters when the cat stops getting pregnant by a male cat

What can you give a cat that has no injury but acts like he is in pain?

Give your cat some water because he may be having kittens.

What are the benefits to having a pet?

i heard that when having a pet, stress level would decrease ang having a pet would also help with your social life too. PS i prefer dogs or puppies.

Why is it unluckey to see a black cat?

some people think that the black cat is some sort of witch, either that or it reperesents a witch

Why people clips cat ears?

Some people think its "cute" I think its cruel

Is it safe to give zilactin to a cat that has a sore on the bottom of her chin and having her lick it and start foaming at the mouth for about one minute?

Seeing my cat foam at the mouth after giving him some medicine would make me think I shouldn't have given the medicine to the cat. People medicine and animal medicine are not the same.

What is the plural for benefit?

Benefits. Except in some cases, just add a s. For example, cat, plural = cats.

What is the opposite of a cat?

Some people say/think that the obvious answer is a dog. Others might say/think it's a mouse but astonishingly the truth is that the opposite of a cat is a monkey. The Opposite of Cat is Dead Cat.