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can you follow what I say

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Q: What do you say when you wonder if someone else understands your statement?
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What do you say when you wonder if someone else understand your statement?

can you follow what I say

What is the republication rule?

Legal doctrine. If you publish a defamatory statement, even if the statement was originally made by someone else and you clearly attribute it to that someone else, you can still be liable for it.

What contributions to math did Hitler make?

None. I wonder if you are confusing him with someone else.

Can people get sued for posting a true statement of Facebook about someone else?


How can you tell you boyfriend that you lied about your age while letting him know how sorry you are?

dont build any relations on hidden stuffs. clear it out and if he understands its good else there is someone else...

Syntax of nested if in c?

If(condition) { if-else statement; } else { if-else statement; }

What is the scope of variables declared in an if then else statement is false path?

Only the true path in the If...Then...Else statement

What is an example of a relativist statement?

That's just true for you but not for me. That's just your reality. Who are you to say that someone else is wrong?

What is the difference between hypothesis and inference?

A hypothesis is a statement of fact or belief upon which further conclusions can be drawn. An inference is the meaning that I attribute to someone else's statement or action.

How would you describe a perfect woman?

There is no such thing as "perfect" whatsoever. but, if you have someone who listens and understands, nothing else should matter. personallity should always come before looks.

How should a man hug a woman who is married to someone else?

I'd say this is a big no-no unless you are friends with the husband as well and he understands, if this is so a simple friend hug will work.

Is it possible to print both if statement and else statement?

Yes int main (void) { puts ("if statement"); puts ("else statement"); return 0; }