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take her at her word and try to let it go. it makes things simpler in a complicated situation. also if she changes her mind about it i think she will let you know. if she knows how you feel than the ball is in her court and it should stay there until further notice.

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Q: What do you say when a girl says that she loves as her bro but you love her a lot?
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Im in love with your girl friend what is the best present for her?

She says a ticket to my show is good, thanks. Have fun being single bro... (unless you're a girl, then the best present for her is you.)

Is love between brother and sister unconditional?

Of course. Everyone loves everyone, bro.

I'm in love with my friends brother that is 4 day s older then me he's told me that he loves me and then laughed about it all the signs seem to say that he likes me how do i really kno if its love?

all you have to do is talk to your friend and tell her ask her bro if he loves you or not.Then if he says yes then ask him to go out with you.

Why is that the girl that you love don't love you?

Just give her time to think about it bro, don't be pushy about. Just talk to her as a friend and be patient, if she tells you she loves you then you're in, if not then be friends with her but you're gonna have to move on and focus on something else.

How make a girl love you when she has taken you as her bro?

i want to make her understand my feelings (love) is real.

You love a girl in your schoolhowever 5 more boys love her what should i do i wish to know whether she loves me?

well bro as a dude myself i would have to do the daring and that's is to not sit around and dream about her, i would go get her for myself but in a good way as try to be her friend and talk to her, get to know her, and if she don't want to be your friend and ditches you then there's no way she will love u back bro.

Your friend says he so loves you but not in love?

it meanshe loves you like a sister but he dosent want to make out with you or anything Ok. So there is a big difference like loving someone may just be as like a really good friend or like a bro or sis but in love with someone means you or they want to take it to the next level.

What do you do or say to a girl you love but never will be happy together what would you say to her?

Bro-zone her.

What if she does not like you?

sorry bro but if she says no just move on it will show that you are confiddent. and get another girl. if she sees how great you are with another girl she will relize that she made a mistake. trust me bro just move on and she will come runnning to you. then its your choice from there

Your friend Jeremy has known this girl for 4 years a few months ago this girl and your bro dated for about 2 months Jeremy Has had feelings for her for awhile and wants to b with her Bro code breach?

If he just does it it is bro code breach but if he asks if its cool and he says it is its fine. If he says no tho and u still do it its 5 times worse than just not askin

Why does geeta love jls?

geeta loves jls because she looks upto them as bro's though she has 1 herself. lol lol lol

How do you propose a Mexican girl?

Get on your knees, and pull out a ring. Ask, "Will you marry me?". Hopefully she says yes. If not, tough luck bro.