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Just tell her to let it out and when she dose and you say that be sensitive it could be tough for her and if it's something bad about you or her either cheer her up or don't get mad and enraged

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Q: What do you say if a girl is gona stop talking to you if she thinks your gona get mad?
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If a girl's boyfriend tells you to stop talking to her what do you do?

Uh... Stop talking to her?

What do you do if a girl tells you to stop talking to her boyfriend?

Uh... Stop talking to her?

Why a girl stop talking to a boy?

the girl lost intrest

What does it mean when a girl makes you stop talking to friends?

When a girl makes you stop talking to your friend she is possessive and possibly jealous. You should never give up friends for anyone.

What do guys think when him and his girlfriend argue?

He thinks that him and his girlfriend should stop arguing and just stop. He also thinks that him and his girl should never c each other again

What should I do about a girl I like for 5 years stop talking to me and I never talk to her in months?

i think you should start talking to her and see what happens. because maybe she thinks the same thing as you do. Just try talking to her and go from there, you never know she might like you to?

If a girl says get over it what does that mean?

im a girl and when i say it i usually mean stop talking about it and forget it. Stop whining and forget it.

What do you do if this girl will not stop trying to be with your boyfriend and they also had sex when you guys were broken up how do you make her stop trying to talk to him?

Instead of trying to get her to stop talking to him, you should get him to stop talking to you. He is alot more likely to give you what you want than she is.

What do you say if a girl tells you to stop talking to her?

..nothing? Grant her request and remain silent.

What are signs of your girl lose interest in you?

they will stop talking to you alittle they will look at you and walk away

Why doesn't this shy girl talk to you much anymore?

Did you change? Did you change friends or start talking to people differently? Well, maybe she just thinks your a jerk? Or did you stop talking to her? Try texting her, because it's more private, but don't ask her why, because it'll put her on the spot, and she'll feel scared talking to you, or whenever you approach her. Hope this Helps? Bella.

My boyfriend hangs out with another girl what do I do?

Confront to him that you don't like that. If he stop that means he values you, if he doesn't stop then you guys need to sit down and have a long talk.