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You have to be more specific on the question. Thank you, Roxy. You have to be more specific on the question. Thank you, Roxy.

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Q: What do you say if a girl if she asks what have you been up to?
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How can you pick up a babestation girl?

go up to her, and say "your coming home with me" when she asks how you know say because i'm stronger than you winner every time!

What do you say to a girl that you went out with before?

You could start out with, "Hi, how have you been?" Or, "Hello, what have you been up to lately?"

What to say to a girl to cheer up after a girl has been horrible?

"don't worry,everr cloud has a silver lining"

When a girl says what do you hate about me?

You simply walk away. I am a girl and I know if you say "nothing" it does not end up good... so take my word. If a girl asks you that question that means she does not like you and anything you say will make her unbearable to be around any longer. Never try to make a relationship with a girl who asks that, you know they hate you already. If you propose or anything weird it will just get them more mad. My whole point is that if a girl really does ask you that, walk away.

What if you are going out with a boy and he asks another girl out?

brek up wth him asap

A girl asks you what's up What do you say if there is really nothing going on with you and you have already said nothing many times before?

You say, not much whats going on with you? but you say not much really fast and slow dpwn on the second part.

How do you reply when someone asks up and about?

It depends on if you ARE up and about yet. If you're awake and out of bed, you say "yes" but if you're not, you say "no."

What do you say when someone asks you What is up?

The safest answer is... The Sky. B/c the sky is what is accually up :)

What to say if a girl asks you out?

It depends if you like the girl who is asking you out. If you do, then say "Sure! That sounds great!" or "Great idea! I'll meet you there at ____ (on what time you're going to start the date). If you have no interest on the girl, you could just make up a reason not to go out with her. But if you're a kind-hearted person, you could give her a chance and accept her offer.

What does it mean when a guy asks a girl if you think hes shallow?

A guy who asks that question is worried that you do not fully respect him. It is up to you whether you think he should be reassured or not.

What if a boy asks his friend to break up with the girl?

I think it's quite stupid that the guy can't man up and break up with the girl himself. That is silly. If he can't face the girl, then something is seriously wrong.

What does it mean if a girl comes up to you and asks do you love me?

it might not mean anything she just might wanna hear you say it... she might doubt that you love her , if you do just keep reassuring her that you do and that nothings gonna change that