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smack em in that back of there head >.<

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Q: What do you say back to someone if they call you a sook?
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How do you pronounce success in french?


How do you say pleasure in thai?

Kwam-Sook &#3588;&#3623;&#3634;&#3617;&#3626;&#3640;&#3586;

How do you ask someone to call you back?

At the end of a phone conversation, you can say something to this affect: "Hey, can you call me back? I have to go right now."

Is it mean to call someone short if they called you ugly?

Yes but it can be a good come back and it dependeds on who you say it to.

How do you say someone will call back in five minutes in spanish?

jorde tu- hor-day too

How do you say busy in Hebrew?

masculine = ah-SOOK (&times;&cent;&times;&iexcl;&times;&bull;&times;&sect;) feminine = ah-soo-KAH (&times;&cent;&times;&iexcl;&times;&bull;&times;&sect;&times;&rdquo;)

How do you say call me back in creole from English?

To say &quot;call me back&quot; in Creole, you can say &quot;rele'm tounen.&quot;

Should you call someone back that hangs up on you?

I can't say what other people should do but I will not call someone back who hangs up on me because I think hanging up on someone is a juvenile way of ending a conversation. If someone is too angry to continue a conversation with me they should just tell me that and we can pick it back up later. That is how a mature adult handles it.

What does it mean when you call a man and he does not call back until much later?

Answer It could mean that he was busy or he has someone else in his life, its hard to say, but I'd ask him if I were you and see what his answer is.

Is it mean to call someone an overachiever?

It depends on who you talking to and how you say it. For example if you are saying it to someone who has very low self esteem and you say it in a rude way, it will seem mean, if you say it to a fairly laid back person and you say it in a nice way, it will be taken as a compliment.

How do you diss someone?

well when theysay something say something rude and annoying back, like if they call you fat say "i know you are but what am I" it is extremely mean so i don't recommend you do it unless someone disses you first!

Is it correct to say When you get back home tell her to call me?

It is correct, but it can be more concise. You can say &quot;Tell her to call me when you get back home.&quot;