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androgsian a lethal bio-toxin

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Q: What do you get when you mix lithium and oxygen?
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How can carbon dioxide to make oxygen for survival?

mix soda powder and lithium and it turns carbon dioxide into oxygen.

What does lithium mix with?

Lithium can mix with various materials, such as other metals (e.g., aluminum, copper) to form alloys. It is commonly used in lithium-ion batteries, which mix lithium with other materials like cobalt, nickel, and manganese for improved performance. Additionally, lithium can be combined with non-metallic substances such as sulfur or oxygen to form compounds like lithium sulfide or lithium oxide.

What are the word equasions for burning lithium in oxygen?

The word equation for burning lithium in oxygen is: lithium + oxygen -> lithium oxide. The balanced chemical equation for this reaction is: 4Li + O2 -> 2Li2O.

What elements are in lithium nitrate?

Lithium nitrate contains the elements lithium (Li), nitrogen (N), and oxygen (O). Its chemical formula is LiNO3.

What are the differences between lithium and oxygen?

Lithium is a metal, while oxygen is a non-metal. Lithium is a solid at room temperature, whereas oxygen is a gas. Lithium is highly reactive, especially with water, while oxygen supports combustion.

What is the charge of lithium and oxygen?

When ionized : lithium is +1, Oxygen is -2.

What is the name of the compound with lithium and oxygen?

The compound formed by lithium and oxygen is lithium oxide (Li2O).

What is the ionic compound for lithium and oxygen?

The ionic compound for lithium and oxygen is lithium oxide (Li2O).

What do you get when lithium and oxygen combine?

Lithium tarnishes when exposed to oxygen. However, if the reaction is provoked by fire the Lithium will tarnish very quickly. Reactions: 4Li+O2 -> 2Li2O 2Li+O2 -> 2Li2O2

What is the name of the compound made from lithium chlorine and oxygen?

The compound made from lithium, chlorine, and oxygen is lithium chlorate (LiClO3).

What is the compound made from lithium chlorid and oxygen a?

The compound formed from lithium chloride and oxygen is lithium chloride oxide (LiClO).

Which three elements are combined in lithium sulfate?

Lithium sulfate is a compound formed by combining lithium, sulfur, and oxygen. The chemical formula for lithium sulfate is Li2SO4.