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It gives you a horrible burning sensation in your stomach. And if you don't take something to soothe the pain, then you may start to vomit, experience nausea and other symptoms.

It's usually because of eating spicy food, drinking acidic drinks, stressing over and other stuff.

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Q: What do you feel when you are hyperacidity?
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What is Hyperacidity?

Excessive acidity.

Peptic ulcers may be caused by hyperacidity or the pathogen?

Peptic ulcers can be caused by hyperacidity or by the bacteria H. pylori.

Can a burp related to hyperacidity?


What are the symptoms of hyperacidity?

Following are the various symptoms of hyperacidity such as: 1. Bloating 2. Bloody vomiting 3. Burping 4. Dysphagia 5. continuous hiccups 6. Nausea 7. weight loss for no reason These are all the various symptoms of hyperacidity.

Household material can be used to counteract hyperacidity?


Can you eat chocolate cereal drink if you have hyperacidity?

no it can kill you

What kinds of foods should you take to relieve hyperacidity Why?

To relieve hyperacidity, you should eat bland foods. This will help to lower the acidity in your system. This includes bananas, rice, and bread products.

Why do doctors give magnesium and aluminum hydroxide as cure for hyperacidity?


What is the best remedy for hyperacidity with no appetite to eat human food?


Are liver salts good for cystitis?

Liver salts are good for indigestion, as laxative, for hyperacidity.

How do you get sick by vinegar?

Vinegar is not dangerous for the health, also it is recommended.Vinegar is a problem only for persons with hyperacidity.

What is the treatment of hyperacidity?

Juice of Aloe and/or Bottle Gourd on an empty stomach every morning. Camomile Tea through the day. Cold Milk, fruits like apples and bananas (the soothing ones). If you have long term hyperacidity you might want to consider some form of alternative medicine to help get your tummy back to working well. The link below is one;