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Let them be friends, afterall he is YOUR husband. You should be able to trust him with his ex girlfriend. He picked you for a reason, you have to trust him.

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YOU BE FRIENDS WITH HER!!!! just because your separted doesn't mean u can't be friends

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Q: What do you do when your husband and ex girlfriend still wants to be friends with each other and both are married?
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Husband recently broke up with girlfriend staying friends with her?

It is not good. You and her should not be known or seen together because other people might think otherwise.

Why can't men make friends with a married woman?

Sexual tension, between all parties involved (husband, wife, and male friend), causes stress on the relationship. When this tension does not exist then a male can be friends with a married woman. Are there other reasons?

What to do when my husband's long time girlfriend will not leave him alone?

The best thing to do is back out of the situation and let your husband handle it. Tell him you have issues with the former girlfriend, and why. The worst thing you can do is sit and sulk in silence, but you deal with your husband, not the other woman.

What are married gay men called?

Married gay men refer to each other as "husband."

Is me and my girlfriend going to be married?

You and you girlfriend can date and get married if you will build trust and understanding. By doing so, you will understand each other well and build a good family.

Does cream become tails girlfriend?

No Cream and tails only like each other as friends they never kissed and never will be girlfriend and boyfriend just friends.

Do guys prefer hanging out with guys or with a girlfriend?

Some guys who have a girlfriend prefer hanging out with their girlfriend depending on their age. Other's prefer their friends and may not have a girlfriend.

What does jealous significant other mean?

A jealous (boyfriend girlfriend husband wife) you get it right :)

Are you legally married if your husband has another wife in another state?

No. If the other person is legally married to another person in another state, then your marriage is not valid in the USA. You can have be legally married to one person at a time.

Married man has special women friends?

proboly not good bro.....i mean if your doin them or somethin...........but then again that's between you and ur in highschool.....and have a girlfriend....but lots of other friends that are girls......but generally it is indeed frowned upon

Is it a good idea to let your boyfriend or husband travel to Las Vegas with four of his female friends?

It depends on the individual man. Some men can be with a group of women and never cheat on their girlfriend or wife, while other men will. It would seem odd that a boyfriend or husband would go off with four female friends and not invite his wife. If the wife has to work and cannot get the time off then only she knows just how much she can trust her husband with his female friends.

What is a signnifacant other mean?

Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Husband or Wife. The other significant person in your life besides yourself.