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simply apologise and tell them what made you treat them like that- perhaps you were taking anger out on them when you were really angry at someone else

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Q: What do you do when you treat someone bad?
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Why do people treat you nice and then when someone else is there they treat you bad?

they are cowards and they need the coverage of other people to show their bad side.

Who sings when you love someone you just dont treat them bad?

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What do you do if he wants somebody cause you treat him like?

The best thing to do is treat him better.Every guy is looking for someone he can spend his hole life with and be happy with.So he's probably thinking if your treat him bad now,then you'll probably be treating him bad later.

Why your boyfriend call you bad names?

If your bf is calling you bad names then just tell him you will find someone else that will treat you better. He is being a jerk to you.

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Your ex-girlfriend left you a month agoshe treated you badly?

No one should be in a relationship with someone that treats you bad? If someone really cares about you, they will treat you with respect.

Why are you still so hurt by someone who treated you like crap?

Aslong as you loved the person it will always hurt. Even if they did treat you bad.

What are some ways someone can change bad habits?

It can be very difficult to break bad habits. One way that can be is positive reinforcement where a treat is given for not doing the bad habit. If a bad habit cannot be broken then hypnotherapy may help.

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