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Talk to him in person,maybe he doesnt like texting because there are many ways you can read one text, if he likes you and flirts you might want become more of a friend at first so you can get to know each other more and then if he or you feel that your ready then go out.

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Q: What do you do when a really cute guy friend flirts with you a ton but doesn't like text you very much?
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How do you know when a cute guy really likes you?

He flirts with you

How do you win a guy when your friend flirts with him all the time?

If its obvious she's trying to get him then I would play it subtle. Smile at his jokes, call him on the phone, just play it real cute. If he doesnt respond to that then maybe he isn't the right guy...

When a guy says you are cute does he really mean it?

it depends. if he says your cute then smiles and flirts with you that means he likes you. but if he says ur cute and starts laughing of says jk that means he doesnt mean it. sorry if he doesnt

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What a bizarre question. If you really mean to ask what to say to be cute when somebody's friend has died, there is really no good way to do that--not and be considered anything more than coarse, rude, obnoxious, insensitive, boorish...certainly not cute. If what you did was fumble "What do you say when their friend has just done something cute?" Well, you might remark how it struck you as being really cute and why you thought it was cute.

Am 10 and you want a boy friend what do i do?

If you like anyone whos doesnt have a girlfriend start hanging out and ask him a few weeks after. Or if you dont have a crush pick a really cute guy thatyour friends with and do the same.

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What does it mean when a guy flirts with you and does it mean he likes me?

It means that he thinks your cute but wants to be friends.

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=A good friend will tell you da truth wether itz good or bad thy are honest about you becasue they care about your feelings. a BAD friend is a person that is 2 faced and lies for example yo hair is cute but it is really ugly u will figure it out just think. A BAD FRIEND DOESNT STILL YO BOO ( BOYFRIEND)=

What does it mean if a friend on Facebook and someone you know in class and they know you says yes to a question that is is she cute does this mean anything?

Not really. Someone can be cute without liking them.

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