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It sounds like he has a problem with commitment. Maybe he just can't make up his mind. He sounds like a guy to avoid.

AnswerNothing but ignore him!

Yes, ignore him - cos if/when he is YOUR boyfriend, he will be flirting with OTHER females. I never was attracted to flirty guys, for that reason. (obviosly unless they were single. But guys who flirt when they have a girlfriend have no class. If they are unhappy with their current girlfriend then BREAK UP WITH HER, ------------then flirt!!!)

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Q: What do you do when a guy flirts with you and always makes eye contact and smiles but then you find out he has a girlfriend?
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How you know a girl likeing him?

She flirts, stares, smiles...etc

How can you tell if your best friend likes you and they are the girl?

she laughs at the dumbest jokes u make smiles flirts and seems always happy to be around you.

If a guy goes to your church and hes smiles and staring at u then in bible study he stares at you smiles more always makes sure ur ok makes u laugh flirts but he has a gf does he like you?

yes of course he likes you. but since he has a girlfriend i would stay away from him. guys flirt with any pretty girl,its their nature.

What are signs that a guy is interested?

If he talks to you alot Flirts with you smiles at you bugs you stares at you

Signs you still have a shot with your ex?

She still flirts, smiles, winks, or touches you.

When do you know a guy likes you?

Sort of when he always wants to talk to you and always touches you like a boyfriend would. Or when he smiles everytime he's by you. Or flirts a lot. Or trys to hold your hand anytime possible or just be near you and shows some physical contact; like hugs, holding hands, walks or stands real close to you.

How would you know if a girl is interested on you?

She flirts or jsut looks at you and smiles alot whenever she sees you

What does it mean if a guy always says hi and smiles but he has a girlfriend?

It usually means that he sees you as a friend and he's just being polite, but he's not interested romantically. unless he plans to break-up with his girlfriend

What does it mean when your crush tells you he knows you like him and he smiles when he tells you What is that mean?

He likes you back!! He knows and if he flirts he is head over heels for you!!

Does a girl like you if you make eye contact for 5 seconds and then she smiles and you smile back?

Yes a girl like you when the make eye contact with you and then smiles.

How can a boy tell if you like him?

Eye contact, smiles and flirting and talking a lot. Or you could always ask. Maybe it's best to just ask.

What should you do if you and your friend like the same boy and you think he likes you but she is very obvious and smiles and flirts with him all the time in front of you?

Spank of her head and say this is my man.