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It depends on that someone. If you saw a long lost friend, just chat on what he does in life, if he or she already had a family and all that. If you saw a cousin or aunt/uncle, ask how she or he is feeling and how the other family members are. If you saw an ex partner, ask how she is in life and if he or she already have a new one.

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Q: What do you do say when you see someone you know?
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You say: How to you say It someone says: IT you say: no I....T

What should you do if you like someone but you don't know that they like you or not?

you should just tell them that you do and see what they say to you trust me.

What are the best things to say if you want to be friends with someone?

see what they are interested in talk about there life and just get to know them

What do you say when someone who you sort of like asks you out but you don't know what to say?

Well if you like them, whats the problem? Personally i would say yes, and see where it goes from there.

What you say when someone say you're fake?

Say: girl plz you wanna see fake you should get to know yourself first before you start calling others out.

How do you answer in an interview if asks about do you know someone in the company?

You say if you know someone in the compaany or not

Why do your hearts pound when you see someone you like?

when you see someone you like you get nervious when you want to ask her out but your afaid that she will say no but try anyway you might get lucky,you never know until you try. sinceraly:aneri patel

What should you do if you like someone but he dose'nt see the real you?

you should say i feel like you don't know the real me and i like you so i was wonder if you can get to know the real me.

What do you do if someone fancies you?

Well if you do not fancy them but they fancy you, you should say "I want to be your friend but I am not ready to go out with someone at the moment". and if you do fancy them, try and get to know them, then see what happens!!:D

What do you say when you knock for someone you like?

Ask them to come out and hang around with you and your mates .Be yourself and talk to the girl get to know her and see what happens.

How do you say hi to someone you do not know at all?

hi is one of the best ways to talk to someone you don't know yet.i say, go for it!

What to say when you meet someone you know on the street?

When you meet someone on the street that you know walk over to them with a smile and say, 'Hi, how are things going with you?'