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This may sound harsh, but I would dump the girl and find someone else.

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Q: What do you do if your girlfriend treats her friends better than you?
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Why do guys say that you will always be friends and then he ignores you around his girlfriend which used to be your bff but when she not around he treats you even better than her?

Maybe the guy ignores you because his girlfriend might be jealous of you? That can be a reason. How about you ask him why he ignores you whenever his gf is with him? So, your friendship won't be ruined right? :)

How to feel good about yourself When your girlfriend lies about you to her friends?

You need to communicate with your girlfriend sternly that you do not appreciate her badmouthing you to her friends. In fact, tell her to move on as someone that loves you doesn't put you down to others. You can do much better than the girlfriend you have.

Why should you not go out tonight with your girlfriend and her friends?

If her friends are girls and you go out with them and your girlfriend theres a chance that they will flirt with u. It will end very bad. Going out with just your girlfriend is much better, or if she really wants you to go with her and her friends, ask her if you can bring some of your friends, that way your girlfriends friends have other guys to flirt with, rather than with you.

How will you know if a guy loves you more than his wife?

He See's You More! Treats You Better He See's You More! Treats You Better

If you told your friends you have a girlfriend and they are going to see her what do you do?

is this girlfriend fictional? If so, you should just fess up. It's pretty hard, but it will be better than any other solution.

How do you make cousin jealous?

kiss their boyfriend/girlfriend make their parents or guardians like you more, wear better clothes than them, make friends with all of their friends and make their friends like you more, whatever they do make sure you do it better.

Name something a woman treats better than she treats her husband?

pets kids cars hair shoes

What makes you respect a person?

When someone performs actions in a way that is better than most, and in a way you would like to emulate - you respect that person. This could be - How they treats friends, how they treats strangers, how hard they work to achieve their goals ... any number of things.

What can a 21 year old woman do to show her 36 year old male friend... who has a girlfriend that is about her same age...that she wants to be more than just friends with him?

If he has a girlfriend, then you need to take it one day at a time and move on. Some things are better left unsaid to eliminate awkward feelings between friends and jealousy from the girlfriend.

How do you tell a guy you want to be his friend not girlfriend?

Tell him that, while you may be currently enjoying a dating relationship with him, you think that you two make better friends than girlfriend/boyfriend. Since that is what you think, he may think the same thing or it may take him time to get over it and be your friend again. Either way, you're better off being good friends than you are in a relationship where you are uncomfortable. Good luck!

What should you do you like this guy but he has a girlfriend he acts like he likes you and even beat a guy up for touching your butt he also treats you a lot better than he treats her?

Two red flags went up for me just now: 1- He has a girlfriend but also "act like he likes you" and "treats you a lot better than he treats her", and 2- he beat a guy up for touching you. Guys who have girlfriends but treat other girls better generally don't make good boyfriends. And guys who beat up other guys generally don't know how to control their emotions. Is this really the type of guy you'd want to be with? I'd think really hard before I gave this guy another thought. He sounds like a jerk to me. Memarina984: Hi, and i agree. I mean, sounds like this guy has some major problems. women deserve better.

Why do best friends always get close to your girlfriend?

It is usually because of the competitive nature of most people. Many people are always trying to be better than others and competing for what they have. Your girlfriend is the prize and other guys will try to take her away from you.