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Tell her she's beautiful And everything. But if that doesn't work.. She might have fears about what people might say about her .. So just tell her that she has to not worry about that. or maybe your talking about ... why doesnt she act like we going out? well hmmm , she eighter might really like you or she just might not like you at all.

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Q: What do you do if your girlfriend is shy?
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What do you do if you are too shy to kiss your girlfriend?

when you are to shy to kiss your girlfriend just give it time until the right moment or she wants to kiss you

How does a shy girl get a guy to like her if he has a girlfriend?

dont be shy and lick his nipple

How do you not be shy around your girlfriend in the 6th grade?

Just get use to being around your girlfriend once your use to it your not going to be shy no more (this is my opinion)

What should you do to get a girlfriend if you are shy and not sociable?

Stop being shy and start being socialable.

Does Roc Royal want a girlfriend?

No he is shy.

How do I make my shy girlfriend more comfortable in bed?

The best way to make your shy girlfriend more comfortable in bed is to build up her confidence.

Why won't your girlfriend hold my hand?

She might be shy.

Why are your girlfriend and you so shy?

well if you and your girlfriend just started dating she might be shy. shes in a new relationship, or maybe her first relationship. or mayyyybeeeee, shes just not that into you....

How do you make your girlfriend less shy?

Trying to "make" someone less shy is generally a bad idea.

Will Danyon ever get a girlfriend?

All That Determines Danyon To Get A Girlfriend Is That He Is Him Self And Isn't Shy! And He Has To Be With Someone He Wants To Be With.

What do you do to not be shy around your girlfriend?

She's your girlfriend, that means you two have agreed to be together. She wants you near her and you want her near you. There is no real reason for you to be shy is there? What you should do is tell her you're a bit shy and why you are (if you know why). If she really cares she'll help you open up and make you comfortable. It's ok and natural to be shy.

How do I get my Girlfriend who is shy to hold me anywhere when we do anything intimate we are still quite new and young?

i do not know............sorry for you and your girlfriend:(