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Q: What do you do if your crush will not go out with you?
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What do you do if someone claims to go out with your crush?

Just as your crush.

Will it crush you if you go to the bottom of the Mariana trench?

Yes, it will crush you

How do you play crush the Castle?

If you go to there is crush the castle 1 on there is crush the castle 2

What nicknames does Priscilla Crush go by?

Priscilla Crush goes by Duchess.

How can you date with your crush?

well ask your crush out and go to the movies,to the beach , eat together...

What do you do when your BFF's crush loves you?

go out with her

What if your chrushes sister tell your sister that your crush likes you?

If your crush's sister tells your sister that your crush likes you, it's a good sign that your crush may have feelings for you. It might be a good idea to talk to your crush directly to confirm these feelings and see where things go from there. Communication is key in situations like this.

What does that mean if you can forget a crush but can't forget the other?

if yo ucan't forget about the other crush then go out with him or her

What type of drawings is in Jamie's journal in Read It And Weep?

The things that go on in her life THE ROPE , her crush and her after crush

What do you do if you 13 and you want to go out with your crush?

Go for it.Your already a teenager.

What should you do if your crush has a crush on a girl who is better than you?

Dont spend your time to the crush of your crush..... If you are ready you may just tell to your crush that you are more better than her (and kick the face of the crush of your crush(just Joking)or you may go to your crush and talk him something funny and if you be a friend that's good and do your good plan at that time..........!!(smile)

Should you look cute in front of your crush?

Looking cute would make your crush likely realize your interested in them. If your crush is shy, he will be embarrased. Otherwise, go for it.