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If ur boyfriend walks out then very slowly make yourself more attractive physically and in personality if you want him to come back.

here are the steps to get him back.

1) act casual and when your around him be cheerful and make him feel smarter than he is by saying things like " well done on______" and make him want u by saying " I understand its all for the best"

2) slowly start being flirty

3) he will find it hard to resist so say " Look I know our relationship didnt go as we planned but i really think we should try again"

4" if u get desperate u can say ull do anything but thats a bit extreme

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Q: What do you do if your boyfriend walks out?
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your question is not very clear......

A girl I asked out has a boyfriend. She walks by me and doesn't hold hands with her boyfriend until they are at the end of the block. What does this mean?

that means she don't like her boyfriend.....and wants u, but then again she's trying to make your jealous

Why does your boyfriend go red when he walks past girls sometimes?

hes probably cheating on you or is trying to

What does Anda en busca de novio mean in english?

"Anda en busca de novio" in English means "Is looking for a boyfriend."

If im seated with my boyfriend at a restaurant and a girl walks by and he stares at her and he sees that i can see him stare and he is aware that im uncomfortable with that is that normal?

Yes boys are animals and if they see something they like they will chase after it but he is your boyfriend and tell your boyfriend how you feel remember dont hide your feelings

Your boyfriend gets mad if im holding his hand when some hot girl walks by?


What to do if your mom walks in on you blowing your boyfriend?

Hahaha wow that's awkward, it really depends on her response to what she sees on how you should react

A girl I asked out has a boyfriend. She says something loud to catch my attention as she walks by with him but doesn't hold hands with her boyfriend until they are at the end of the block?

she is trying to get you jealous or she doesnt like the guy she is dating if she is hot make a move again

How do you know if your boyfriend going out with is formor girlfriend?

He will either pretend that the other girl doesnt exist when she walks by He will act really weird or offended when you ask him about it

What do you do when a guy says he likes you then then doesnt talk or look at you or walks away from you and he is your almost boyfriend and your best friend?

he thinks you dont feel the same way

What does it mean when your boyfriend does not want to solve issues that goes on in your relationship but walks around like everything is ok?

He could be in denial of there being any issues at all

How do you know if your boyfriend is still inlove with his ex-girlfriend?

when his ex walks by notice the way he acts toward you. if she walks by and he gets all close and lovey dovey with you chances are he is so over her but if he backs off, gets nervous or stares at her, he can't get over his ex