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The best way to see this is try to figure out whos that person and find out more if you find out somehtinqq you werent expecting ni tottaly think you shuld dump his but!

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Q: What do you do if your boyfriend says another girls name in there sleep and then another night is texting with a friend on his phone and all you see see is a icon of a kiss being sent to him?
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What to do if your boyfriend makes friend with another girl?

Don't be jealous, she is only his friend. After all: You can meet boys and be friends with them without being their girlfriend.

What do you do when your friend slash almost boyfriend is being an a hole?

Tell him he's being an a hole and that it's upsetting you and you have no room in your life for people that upset you, friend or boyfriend.

How do you turn a friend into a boyfriend if they already rejected you?

Sounds like he isn't interested beyond being a friend. You have a choice. Keep your friendship or loose a friend and not gain a boyfriend.

How do you get a boyfriend or girlfriend?

You get a boyfriend/girlfriend by being kind to the person you want as you boyfriend/girlfriend and becoming their friend. Then when you get the courage you ask them out.

What to say to a friend that doesn't believe her boyfriend is cheating on her?

as a friend I'm telling you this as i care for you, but sorry to say your boyfriend is being unfaithful to you and unfortunately he is cheating.

What is a freaky game you can play with you boyfriend when texting?

Tell him you're being arrested, and you'll need him to post bail, but don't answer him when he asks why.

What does it mean when your boyfriend is being more of a friend then a boyfriend?

it means that hes trying his best but he wants to just be friends

You like your friend's boyfriend who is also your ex boyfriend's best friend what do you do?

Whether the younger generation prefer to acknowledge it or not there is a code amongst women ... you do not go after their boyfriends or husbands. You should do nothing about your friend's boyfriend and respect your friend enough to walk away from it. If her boyfriend loved you then he would be with you. As far as being your ex boyfriend's best friend this has nothing to do with it. Do the right thing and move on because if you do not then you risk losing a good female friend.

If your boyfriend added his ex girlfriends boyfriend does that mean he is jealous?

That's possible. But there's a chance that he's friend with her boyfriend. If he isn't his friend, there's a possibility that the boyfriend still has feelings for the ex girlfriend and is being nosey about her new relationship

How do you get a girl to like you that has a boyfriend?

Hang around without being too obvious, be a friend , and if the boyfriend disappears or moves or whatever , you'll be there.

How do you deal with being attracted to your friend's girlfriend or boyfriend?

3some. Answer Attraction is only that, attraction. If it's really your friend you get over it and forget about it.

The girl you like has a boy friend what do you do?

It depends if she genuinly likes her boyfriend. If she does be her best mate, if you really like her being her best friend is as close as you can get to being her boyfriend just minus the physical side. But if you're an meanie you can easily make her boyfriend jealous by being her best friend and theyll end up braking it off, and she may come running to you. But if he's an meanie and she doesnt really like him go for your life.