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Annulments were designed to address that problem.

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Q: What do you do if you realize you married the wrong person?
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When are we excused for our erroneous conscience?

I think when the person realize that he/wrong.

Is it wrong for a single person to have an affair with a married person?

Depends on how your conscience works...for most people it feels wrong.

Is there something wrong with a person who's not married by age thirty?

There is nothing wrong at all. The person may not have found someone yet, is not interested in getting married, or is simply too busy in their career. Getting married is a personal choice.

What are facts about Houston?

she was making a lot of money before she got married but after she married a singer, she almost bankrupted. She married a wrong person.

I married Celia on Harvest Moon and my game ended why is that?

it might be because you married the wrong person or its jst a completion of the game

What do you do if you think you may have married the wrong person or just didn't get married at the right time or for the wrong reasons?

Answer If you are asking yourself this question then perhaps you didn't marry for the right reasons, and or you married the wrong person or last but not least, you are insecure about life and need some professional help as you may never be satisfied, if you really don't know what you want and expect from any man.

What helps you realize when you have done wrong?

Most people have the capacity of empathy and know right from wrong. Even if at the time of saying or doing something in anger once that individual has calmed down they may realize what they did or said was wrong and they should have feelings of remorse and guilt until they realize that they should have the maturity to apologize to that person they hurt. There are certain individuals who do not have the ability of empathy or remorse such as rapists; murderers, etc. It is in the individual to know whether what they have done wrong and to act on it.

Are tom Kinney and Jeff Kinney related?

yes they got married while tom Kinney was a homosexual

Helps you realize when you have done wrong?


Is kym Johnson married?

I think she is married to the singer Jack johnson.... I might be wrong though ;) different person btw no she isnt she is single sadly :(

How do you make pheromones at home?

First you need to realize you can not. Then you need to realize you spelled step wrong.

Can you get married to another person.i am in love with someone else now?

Of course you can get married to another person; just not while you are already married. You must get a divorce. no i was wrong....if you get married to another person in this life, Satan will own your soul for at least an eternity, if not longer...good luck with that